SookWhee Vol.01

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SookWhee Vol.01

- Photobook: 104 pics (5328x4000, jpg/pdf)
- 4K Sketch movie: 22mins (4K, mp4) : high quality resolution
- Action cam : 24 mins (FHD, mp4) : sense of realism, liveliness

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it is a great help to continuous model activities.

SookWhee Vol.01

- 웹화보: 104컷 (5328x4000, jpg/pdf)
- 4K 스케치 무비: 22분 (4K, mp4) :고화질 중심
- 액션캠 : 24분 (FHD, mp4) :현장감 중심, 사실적. 4K 아님.

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SookWhee Vol.01

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